Word of the Commander


Word from the Commander of the Special Forces Group 

In 2010, after the disbanding of the 1 Bn Para, the (BEL) Special Forces Group was rendered the honor of taking over the Belgian SAS traditions. Hence the motto “Far ahead”, which has existed since the foundation of the Special Reconnaissance Teams (ESR-GVP) in the late 50’s, was completed with “Who dares wins” and “Never surrender.” These three slogans characterize the essence of the unit.


Our operators are trained to work in small teams for extended periods of time, far away from their bases.  The teams must be able to operate in often sensitive or hostile environments with little or no external support. This requires a very high level of physical and psychological stamina, as well as thorough tactical and technical knowledge. Operators are often deployed on short notice and can be sent to all corners of the globe by land, air, or sea.  The strenuous training program produces operators that are always well prepared for challenging missions.


To perform the job successfully, courage, team spirit and faith in one’s own capabilities are paramount. To achieve objectives and mitigate risks, our operators always optimize their preparation, stay discrete and make use of speed and surprise. Freedom of movement and a sense of initiative are critical in conducting special operations.


In difficult situations or in danger, determination and self-confidence are of utmost importance. Through education and training, these characteristics are continuously developed so that our operators have the strength to go on when all seems lost.
If you feel called, don’t hesitate, we are still looking for motivated young people to join our ranks. You’ll find useful information regarding registration on the website. I look forward to welcoming you during the selection phase.

Wim Denolf
Major GS
Commander of the (BE) Special Forces Group